About Us

The Emergent Concepts Story:
Historically, real estate has proven to be one of the best-performing investment vehicles available.
We spent the last 20 years as real estate professionals witnessing inefficiency, incompetence and various middlemen who added little to no value with investors looking to generating wealth through real estate.
Fed up with the old way of doing things, we started Emergent Concepts with the simple idea to use our non-conventional analytical methods to identify blue chip, below value, luxury properties located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of best real estate markets available.
After 40 years of cumulative experience identifying, acquiring, improving and selling homes, we launched Emergent Concepts outside the conventional industry theory, and in doing so we eliminate traditional competition and generate maximum profitability on every real estate opportunity we engage. We have created a simple, efficient, and transparent process that produce high quality investment returns.  At Emergent Concepts, we put our investors first, period.
Welcome to the future of traditional real estate investing!
Who are we?

Emergent Concepts is a highly entrepreneurial real estate company that invests smart capital into practical solutions for the highest outcome on luxury real estate opportunities. For over 30 years, the Emergent Concepts team has achieved great success building, developing and investing in various real estate ventures. During that time, the company’s principals have participated in the purchase and or sale of 100’s of real estate assets, totaling well over $1 billion dollars in transaction volume. Emergent Concepts investment performance is the result of a very systematic, solutions-oriented, approach to property acquisition, development, management and divestiture. Emergent Concepts expects to continue producing exceptional returns for its investors by working with operating partners that share the same entrepreneurial drive and operational precision in order to achieve extraordinary profit performance year after year. Emergent Concepts seeks out only opportunities with significant value-add, development and/or opportunistic components and is willing to engage in only the most exclusive and risk adverse markets for these opportunities. The Emergent Concepts team prides itself on its’ real estate expertise and its’ extensive track record which ensures our investors have partnered with the best in the industry to achieve their real estate investing goals.

Why Work with Emergent Concepts?
Emergent Concepts is a proven real estate investor with all of the necessary expertise, experience and a proprietary process that identifies only the most lucrative opportunities with the highest certainty of close and profitability. The Emergent Concepts investment approach provides for an above average rate of return for all of its’ investors and with the flexibility of several investment programs available to choose from, Emergent Concepts can ensure your investment goals are achieved. With the minimum investment amounts starting at $100k and the minimum investment term being 12 months, Emergent Concepts minimum guaranteed rate of return starts at 18% annually and goes up from there. Emergent Concepts also has a dividend paying stock program for our longer term investors where after your investment term has ended, the stock remains yours and will continue to pay dividends on the corporation’s profitability indefinitely!
Single property investing requires a greater level of financial commitment and has a much broader risk exposure. Emergent Concepts allows for you to invest in a portfolio of luxury properties diversifying risk and minimizing exposure to market fluctuations. We truly are diversified investing in the real estate industry.
What is Emergent Concepts Expertise?
Emergent Concepts is a fully integrated entrepreneurial real estate company that prides itself on the following
  • Being adept at buying real estate at cyclical lows. 
  • Adding value through entitlements, development and repositioning. 
  • Utilizing macroeconomic knowledge to predict and act on cycles. 
  • Adding value through certainty of close and creative capital structures
Emergent Concepts is known for its expertise across many asset classes, creative deal structuring and decisive action plus the ability to close transactions with speed and certainty.
How Does Emergent Concepts Maintain Liquidity?
The Emergent Concepts team maintains liquidity by the following:
  • Maintaining complete control of the real estate
  • decision-making process (when to buy, how to manage and when to sell)
  • Being highly engaged, constantly looking at all factors affecting liquidity
  • Conducting in-depth macro research to mitigate risks
  • Utilizing a disciplined investment approach, which includes holding off on buying when investment conditions are unfavorable
  • Seeking out geographical and asset-type diversification